Common But Not the Norm Pt 2


Options of self care
Options of self care

This is my second post about little things you can do to help “scare off” depression or the postpartum blues. While the options of self care are merely band-aids, doing one every so often can make a difference for a little while, even if that little while might just be an hour.

1. Eyebrow tweezer and mascara

While the status of our quality should not be dependent on our exterior, sometimes getting your eyebrows done or putting on mascara can make a difference. It’s helped me to feel slightly in control of my day: “well, my dishes aren’t washed but I did take a little bit of time to take care of myself and put mascara on.”

2. Dry brush

Dry brushing has many physiological benefits, more information here. The main benefits for me are increased energy, digestive help (super nice postpartum!), and it personally feels like getting a nice back scratch all over your body.

3. Favorite facial/scrub

This facial is a coffee and coconut oil scrub. It was lovingly made for me by one of my instructors. I like the rich smell, even though I don’t drink coffee. There are some really wonderful DIY sugar scrubs out there if you don’t want to use coffee.

4. Nail polish

Similar to the mascara, having painted nails can brighten your day. I’d suggest inviting a friend to come over and doing a little spa day (maybe even using the scrub for your feet?).

5. Scissors

A month after having Hugh I got my hair cut. For some reason, the only time I ever have a professional cut my hair is when I’m feeling emotionally vulnerable. I just like the new and clean feeling, and the conversation with your hairstylist. Since I didn’t really want to go outside yet, I had my hairstylist come visit me. If a haircut sounds nice, but leaving the house doesn’t, see if you can track down someone willing to visit you!

6. Epsom salts and flower petals

Epsom salts are wonderful, more information here. I took a bath with Epsom salts and flower petals. I did this around 4 months postpartum. It helped me relax and feel peace and gratitude toward my body. One of my clients took a flower and Epsom salt bath and she described the experience as feeling “incredibly feminine” while soaking in the water with flowers surrounding her.

***If you are having thoughts of self-harm, please, please reach out to someone and let them know what’s going on. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This will not last forever. You can get help.

(800)773-6667 is a hotline (you may get put on hold, but it is a resource) and this is a wonderful website talking about postpartum depression and blues.


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