Family Culture | Food



To make a new batch of yoghurt, you take a culture of an old batch and add it to the new batch. Adding the culture makes the new batch viable and tasty. The culture from the old batch is necessary to make the new batch.

When a couple decides to become partners and live together, they take the experiences they had in their “previous” family and add it to their “new” family. (Just like yoghurt).  I’ve been thinking a lot about my upbringing- what were some of the strengths and what were the weaknesses? What do I want to take from my childhood and implement into my future?

The past couple of years, when people would speak in church or other organizations would discuss the family environment, I would think about the family of my childhood. While my childhood wasn’t full of complete sadness, we did have a lot of dark and oppressive periods and when contemplating my past, I focus on those. Recently, I’ve noticed that my mind doesn’t flash to the past… it’s starting to flash to the future. I am really excited that I’ve started to think that way.

One of the strengths that I want to have in my home is healthy perception of bodies and eating. Growing up,  I had an imbalanced perspective on my body and food, leading me to absorb false teachings. I am slowly starting to grow out of this, but I still struggle.

One of the ways I want to restore my own practices surrounding food is by making sure we have well-balanced meals and snacks available. We also have been trying (key word) to cut down on processed sugars and meat. We mostly eat a ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, but eat meat occasionally.

The past two weeks I’ve washed, cut up and soaked a lot of vegetables and plants so we could have healthy food ready for consumption. It made a huge difference! I was snacking on green peppers or carrots instead of half a loaf of bread. What are some of the things you do to have a healthy home?


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