Gift Ideas for a New Mom

Gift Ideas for New Moms


I didn’t have a baby shower when I was pregnant with Hugh and felt slightly neglected because of this. However, after Hugh was born, I had several people drop by: some women from my church brought some gifts, a few friends came and brought some really thoughtful presents. Some of the gifts were a ring sling, a water bottle, lavender essential oil, and several presents for Hugh. Because of how I felt when I was pregnant, these gifts were beautiful.

The water bottle was so helpful to me, I literally have used it every single day and when I use it I am reminded of the givers. (The water bottle actually broke because I brought it with me everywhere I went, and therefore met an untimely death). When I use the ring sling, it not only literally surrounds my baby, but also stands symbolically of the friendship that sustains me. The lavender reminds me of the calming energy of my friend.

Because of the thoughtful gifts I received I started thinking about how and what we do for new mothers. How do we let them know that they have a community? Maybe we can build an environment for new mothers that lets them know that: yes, a new baby is being born, but so is a new mother.

Here are some ideas of gifts that you can give a new mom:

  1. A plant
  2. A new water bottle (this is the one pictured)
  3. Art or a framed quote (Caitlin Connolly has some beautiful pieces and here is one similar to the piece I have)
  4. Easy to grab snacks (fruit leather, muffins, etc.)
  5. Service (I designed a volunteer sign-up sheet that is a free download, here)

What are your favorite gifts to give to new moms, or what has been your favorite gifts that you received?


2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for a New Mom

  1. Leah

    The water bottle WAS super thoughtful! It’s always easier to remember to drink enough water (hugely important when you’re prego or breastfeeding!) when you’ve got an awesome water bottle!


    • the honest honey bee

      Seriously! It makes a HUGE difference. I wish I was responsible enough to just drink water, but I need that fancy water bottle! Ha ha aha.


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