15 Months Old

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In honor of surviving this far, I thought I would write what it’s like to be Hugh at fifteen months old.

Ethan and I wake up at 6:30am and Hugh sleeps in until around 7:40am. He sleeps on our bed, which is low to the ground, and gets up when he wakes. We’re in the kitchen making breakfast and hear a slight rustle and the pitter patter of little feet as they cross the floor to join us.

Hugh likes to help us make breakfast – watching us prepare and mix the food. Our breakfast is usually spinach and eggs or oatmeal.  Right before eating, we try to make a “big deal” about saying a prayer, but Hugh usually ignores us and starts eating. He eats way more food and makes a smaller mess when he sits on my lap.

Ethan leaves for work and Hugh is a little sad. We are unsure if he’s sad because he doesn’t want Ethan to leave or because he really likes to go outside. I get Hugh ready for the day. It takes awhile to get him dressed, he really likes to run away from me. Hugh is getting so big that I have to go through multiple outfits before finding pieces that fit. We brush his teeth and his hair (he likes to do this himself).

Once this is done, we wash the dishes. I bring a chair for Hugh to stand on so he can be next to me and we get to work. Hugh likes to hold on to a spatula so he can mix water around. I turn on an audiobook (I’m listening to the Book of Mormon). Once the dishes are done, we make the bed. Hugh pulls the blanket off and jumps on the pillows once I’ve fluffed them.

I’ve been reading about minimalism and we are trying to eliminate items we don’t really need or use. I try to organize one small area of the house every day. This isn’t that hard because our house is actually a small apartment (I found a really great PDF that has a checklist for minimalism, it’s from nourishingminimalism.com). Hugh is reeeeally good at helping me pull out all the items. I put the items I want to keep back and go to put the “give aways” in my stack for the thrift store. When I come back, Hugh has taken everything out again and even moved on to other areas. I put them back and Hugh moves them again. This is repeated four more times.

We decide to change scenes. We go to the kitchen to color and write for about twenty minutes. We then go practice piano. Hugh basically bangs on the keyboard and nods his head to the beat of the demo songs and I laugh at how cute he is and daydream. When he is done he leaves the music room and explores the house to play by himself, and I read a book.

It’s midmorning and we decide to go for a walk with one of my friends. Getting Hugh ready for a walk isn’t so bad because he really likes his Ninja Turtle socks (gift from my brother) and his new shoes. We walk around the neighborhood for about an hour. Hugh falls asleep in the jogger. Hugh wakes up just as I’m walking up the third floor to our apartment. I shuffle to get the key out of my pocket, set Hugh on the couch and run down to the first floor to get our stroller and bring it up to our apartment.

We have a snack and I put Hugh into his high chair (which really needs to be cleaned). Hugh really likes cheese. He nods his head and swings his legs as he’s eating. When Hugh is happy, he plays this game where he squints his eyes and blinks, and I blink back and then he smiles. I do this over and over again while he laughs and then I laugh because he’s so funny.

Sometime in the afternoon, Ethan comes home. Hugh yells and runs over to Ethan to give him a hug and it’s basically one of the cutest things ever. We talk about our mornings and make lunch. After lunch I nurse Hugh for his nap and his eyes roll back as he starts falling asleep. This used to creep me out (especially if just his whites would show) but now it’s just normal and endearing.

When Hugh wakes up we run errands, play with blocks, and read books. Since it’s sunny outside we go on a walk to check our mail. Hugh likes to crunch the snow with his feet. We play outside awhile and then decide to head back in. Hugh throws a really awesome temper tantrum that involves growling. Like I said, he really likes walking on the snow and the cessation of that makes him very angry.

Ethan shows Hugh how he writes music while I create an outline for the class I’m teaching. Ethan leaves for school around 3:30pm. Hugh and I read some more books and cuddle and play and cry (Hugh mostly does the crying). We get dinner ready and are really happy when Ethan gets home around 8:00pm. We eat dinner, Hugh plays around while we just sit on the couch watching him like creepers (he is so cute, we can’t not watch him). We clean the house a bit and Hugh helps me vacuum and sweep. He likes to take the vacuum attachments and sword fight with Ethan. We then start Hugh’s bedtime routine: bath (if needed), brush teeth, story time, family scriptures and then bed.

So, that’s Hugh’s day. This doesn’t happen every day: sometimes we spend most of the day crying/nursing/watching tv/going on field trips, etc. I really enjoy Hugh. He’s funny and creative and so kind.

P.S. Anyone have any suggestions for veggie toddler food? Hugh really likes food with protein (beans, cheese, chicken) but isn’t super into veggies.



7 thoughts on “15 Months Old

  1. shonda2014

    Really beautiful.
    Veggie toddler food:
    Steamed sweet potato sticks
    Steamed carrots
    (Don’t be surprised at the color of the output 🙂 )
    Avocado (not a veggie but I didn’t see it on your list)
    I was also thinking you could vack muffins with puréed veggies like pumpkin, other kinds of squash, zucchini, carrot, etc. you could put all kinds of things in a muffin.

    Still want to do a Closing of the Bones ceremony but need to work through some other things first. 🙂


    • the honest honey bee

      I hadn’t thought of those! Also muffins with veggies is a really good idea, I think Hugh would like those!
      Also, I would love to do a Closing of the Bones. Let me when when you feel ready. 🙂 I’ll be down in CA soon. I think you are wonderful.


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