Harvesting Oranges

We’ve been living in California since May, and it’s been wonderful and challenging at the same time. My in-laws have been very generous and have let us live with them.

Ethan got a really wonderful job, one that will have us living in this area for the next couple years, but it’s taking some time to get used to have him gone for so long! When he was in college, he would work a twenty hour week (or less) and his classes would have the hours spread around. Now, not seeing him for eight hours has been a really difficult obstacle to overcome for me. (I acknowledge how spoiled I have been for the past three years).

Hugh and I have been trying to find different activities to do, as a way to mix things up. (If you have any suggestions for simple activities for two year olds, hit me up.) Luckily, Gram and Grandad have a wonderful property that has lots of things to do, like picking oranges. We picked some older ones, so I could dehydrate and then make into garlands. I love the smell of oranges.



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