Two Years Old

The nice thing about the name Hugh is that when you sing the “Happy Birthday” song, it rhymes perfectly. Hugh is officially two years old. It’s a little crazy to me that I have a two year old, but it will probably start to sink in the week before he turns three.

A few days before Hugh’s birthday, someone generously gave us tickets to LegoLand. While I was excited, I was also a little nervous, because we’ve been potty training Hugh for the past couple of weeks, and he’s been doing really well. I didn’t want to have him wear diapers all day, so we had him stay in his underwear and just planned to have him sit on the toilet every hour or so. Well, he didn’t have an accident at all during our trip there, which was awesome. When we pulled into the parking lot and started to get everything out, we realized we had left Hugh’s backpack at home! We totally had a moment of panic as we imagined all of his extra clothing at home and not with us. Luckily, Ethan’s sister is amazing, and was able to drive it to us.

Ethan and I hadn’t been to LegoLand in over ten years, so it was fun to see the changes. There were a lot of things for Hugh to do and he had a lot of fun. He really liked Miniland USA, which is a bunch of tiny cities made out of Legos; this really surprised me, but there were a lot of cars and boats, so that probably had a lot to do with it. It was fun to see him playing around with everything, and we did buy him a Lego set (but from Target).  It was a really good day.

There were a lot of really cool variegated plants there as well, I need to find the names of them.





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