I was really surprised when I found out that my mom wasn’t perfect. I kind of always thought she was, and I don’t think I realized that until I turned eighteen. My mom taught me a lot of things and one the best lessons I learned with her was how wonderful it is to go on walks. It was a subtle lesson, one that I didn’t recognize until this summer.

Growing up, I had an aversion to any form of exercise, it made me feel really uncomfortable and I never enjoyed it. My perspective started changing when my mom started to get into running. It  started around the time that I was 13. She would go on a run every day, and a longer one on Saturdays. After a few months of this, she would invite me to go on a weekly Saturday hike. We would hike all around our town, usually between 5-7 miles. I loved that time with my mom, and with nature. We weren’t 100% consistent but every time we went on a hike, I would feel so much love and joy.

Now that I know how important it is to have a healthy relationship with my body, I am hoping that Ethan and I can show this to Hugh by our example. We go on lots of walks and hikes, it’s one of my favorite ways to connect with Ethan (our love language is “Quality Time” and walking is one way we communicate that). My belief in the benefits of walking increased when I was pregnant and I was introduced to this piece, called The Hunting and Gathering Mama.

A while ago, I made a #OhThePlacesHughWillGo as a way to document our adventures. I don’t always take a picture of our hikes, but it’s a fun way to memorialize them.

I am grateful that my mom observed my behavior and needs and found a simple way to help me learn. This simple lesson, and so many others, has made my life so much better. Thanks Mom.


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