What I value:

The Honest Honey Bee

Honest” because that’s what I want to be. Honest about my experiences as a woman and mother. Honest in the way I portray life here.
Honey bee” because I think women often behave similarly to bees. We fly around from role to role, from act to act trying to keep balance and health to our home and life.

I want to express all of the beauty of life. There is beauty in every expression, in every emotion. Posts are written by me unless otherwise indicated by “Guest Post” or “Interview”.

Who I am:

I’m a certified childbirth educator, breastfeeding counselor, postpartum doula and have been a labor doula since 2013. I love working with women and helping them feel comfortable with their bodies.

In 2013 I married Ethan. We grew up in the same hometown in Southern California. I would crush on him from afar, little did I know that he had the hots for me as well (It was a good day when I found that out!). We had our son, Hugh, in November 2014.

I love reading books and not following the directions in recipes. I also like to walk and sleep (not at the same time though).

 Thanks for reading!


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Instagram: @thehonesthoneybee
Twitter: @honesthoneybee



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